Multimodal Services

Most of companies run-the-bussines which demands transporting goods with a few transport types. This kind of delivery has many shipping prerogatives. There is no need to collaborate with different logistic agents or shipping companies, in case of different transportation contracts and value-added logistic services, trying to control every logistic operation and trying to solve every troubles with each one. So, the multimodal freight forwarder is the best way, to ship goods from shipper to consignee within effective logistic scheme developed and controlled by the one forwarding company.

We Offer

a full multimodal cargo transportation scheme as follows


cargo collection in China for sea container shipping.

Sea shipping

freight quotes and forwarding services for container shipping from China to EU, CIS.

Port Services

port formalities for export in China and for import in Hamburg and Odessa ports.


licenzed warehouse in Frankfurt(Oder).

Cargo handling

transhipment, re-loading, storage, packing, customs clearence.


We can provide further cargo delivery to consignees within EU and CIS.

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Multimodal shipping services

Here is a brief video about our multimodal freight shipping services