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We work with container shipping companies within service contracts, and we monitor best sea freight rates and shipping services.

Full Container Load Shipments

FCL is a container shipping service for a large shipments (logistic commersial projects).
Classic loading scheme: 1 shipper = 1 consignee

Less-than-container Load Shipments

LCL is a container shipping option, when there is not enough cargo loads for full container stuffing. Popular loading schemes:
"1 shipper = 2 or more consignees" and
"2 or more shippers = 2 or more consingnees"

Sea freight shipping for full container load

Our core business

FCL - is the most optimized way for cargo transportation for commercial purpose. We offer competitive freight rates for such types of container as: 20'DC, 40'DC, 20'HC, 40'HC, 45'DC, as well as 20'REEF, 40REEF, OPEN TOP container types. Our core freight forwarding directions are from China to EU, USA, Black Sea ports, and from Ukraine to elsewhere. Our forwarding agents can provide you customized logistic solution for sea container shipping, according to your freight and your logistic needs: freight payload, terms and conditions, shipment schedules, target directions, documents issuing, payment terms, etc. Based on your needs, we can offer value-added freight forwarding services such as port formalities services, pre-carriage/on-carriage, warehousing, storage and further cargo distribution to consignees within EU or CIS. Freight Quote!

Sea freight shipping for less than container load

Cargo consolidation services from China

if shipment too small for a full load of 20-foot container, the LCL shipping service - is the most effective way in terms of save-costing and convinience.
For LCL shipping service, we offer cargo consolidation in one container, from different shippers in China to different consignees in EU, USA, CIS.
We offer fast freight rate calculation, cargo consolidation service and weekly shipping schedule from China.
LCL freight rates are based on 1 ton or 1CBM of cargo. Cargo dimentions, gross weight, commodity type - are required. For LCL shipments could be several shippers and consignees, so for each of shipment party we can issue separate transport documents.

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Sea freight forwarding process

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1.Freight rates quotation

2.Providing best container shipping solution

3.Shipment Booking

4.Controling and regulating shipments

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