Sea freight rates. The dynamic 2017.

sea freight rates 2017

Comparing the trends of sea freight rates 2016 with the same period of 2017, we could clearly find the difference in dynamics. So what are the reasons?

After a typical increase in sea freight rates before the New Year holidays from December to the end of February, due to the high season, the decrease in sea freight rates in 2016 began in mid-March, and continued with a smooth increase until October 2016. But In 2017, sea freight rates slightly decreased in March, and doubled smoothly increased to the end of April, and since May, the prices have sharply increased twice, and this level is fixed by container shipping lines until May 14, 2017. So what are the reasons? Perhaps there are several as follows: - Decrease in the level of cargo flows in the direction of Far East - Europe and CIS. - Fluctuations in the sea freight business in connection with the situations of the sea container line Hanjin.

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